Library Now Hiring Makers and Instructors for MakerSpace

Nu börjar makerrörelsen generera tjänster (om än tillfälliga, bara delvis betalda) på bibliotek. Mycket intressant läsning nedan från Westport Library :

October 13, 2013


The Westport Library is now hiring Makers and instructors to implement the recently awarded IMLS funded grant, MakerSpace 2.0: Retinkering Libraries. The positions are temporary, paid part time jobs for those interested in innovative production and interactive, collaborative teaching. The positions are available in the following categories:

*Makers-in-Residence: Makers are people of any age who like to produce innovative creations, preferably using modern technology. A Maker-in-Residence will work during a one month period to engage patrons in one or more collaborative Maker project(s). There is a stipend for this role, and the Maker-in-Residence will determine the hours needed for successful completion of the project.

*Workshop instructors: Instructors are needed for single workshops or a series. Typical MakerSpace workshops focus on new technology such as work with robotics, Arduino boards or learning CAD software.

*Camp leaders for Tinkering Camp: Leaders for children and teen camps during Westport school breaks (December, February, April and summer). Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teachers would be ideal for these camps

The Library is looking for creative tinkerers who can demonstrate finished projects. Ideal candidates will be current or retired shop teachers, engineers, innovative artists (especially those utilizing technology to create new forms), classroom teachers who have expertise in tinkering and making, coders, scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs or manufacturers with new products.

Interviews will be conducted during three different time slots on October 22: 10-12 am, 3-5 pm and 6-8 pm. Submit this form and you will be contacted regarding your interview time.



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