Library as incubator: Literary lots

Det här får mitt hjärta att bulta som XXX! Vill börja NU!

Library as incubator project
ur bloggposten: “Cleveland is a city in transition.  Between building new places, dealing with a declining population, and muddling through new economies, it’s figuring out where it’s going .  On top of all of this, Cleveland is also trying to maximize possibilities in empty spaces – spaces left from long-gone businesses, foreclosed and abandoned homes, and spaces cleared and unplanned. People are thinking of new ways (and some old ways) to reuse the space.  Over the last few years, old spaces and odd places have been converted to pop-up shops, roller-rinks, concert venues and community art shows.”

”Literary Lots is a program that ”brings books to life” by transforming vacant lots in Cleveland into programming spots for children.”



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