Inför Internet Librarian, Q&A

Fick svara på ett antal frågor inför Internet Librarian, here goes…

”Connecting to something bigger
This year at Internet Librarian International, speakers from around the world will share their real-life experiences of developing and delivering innovative library and information services – and of changing the way they work.

Ann Östman of the County Library of Gavleborg in Sweden will be speaking in session C202 (New Skills, New Learning) and will describe why keeping our skills up to date can open up new possibilities for librarians and their customers. Here she talks about her love of feeling connected to ‘something bigger’.

What will you be talking about at Internet Librarian International? And why have you chosen this subject?

I will talk about the project currently dearest to my heart – the creation of a media lab/Digilab and about how libraries can function as facilitators of multimedia content creation.

For me there is nothing more important than to keep updated about all the possible ways we can create and share materials – and truly communicate.

What excites you about the future for libraries and information?

What really excites me is the growing sense of connectedness. So much has happened since I started working as a librarian in 2000. You can connect to colleagues all over the world and share ideas and inspiration. I think there is a growing understanding among librarians today that you really have to look outside your own little box, and we do enjoy it!

What worries you about the future for libraries and information?

What worries me is if we lack courage to meet the challenge…that we will fail to communicate our potential as well as all the beautiful things that are already happening in our libraries.

I also worry that politicians may not understand everything that a library has to offer society.

What’s the best thing about working in our profession?

The flow of inspiration, the generosity between colleagues, the sense of connectedness, the willingness to develop our way of doing things.”



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