Into a new world of librarianship…

…heter en synnerligen läsvärd postning av Michael Stephens i the OCLC Newsletter på temat ”Web 2.0 – Where will it take libraries?”

Läs också denna text på Michaels blogg ”Tame the web”.


”If we learn to learn, it doesn’t matter that this week’s hot technology is Twitter and next week’s even shinier tool is something else. We can still figure it out, use our foundational knowledge to make sense of it and decide if it works in our situation. I teach blogging in many of my classes but the real skill I want my students to get is that they can master any technology/system I put in front of them or their new employers may put in front of them and make it work. Blogging is just the vehicle, like using any of the tools we cover in tech-based classes.”

Mer smakprov:

”If we adapt to change, we aren’t thrown every time the world shifts. That’s one of the most important things I think we could do for students in LIS education – show them that everything will change. What we’re doing in now in libraries is similar but still very different than what folks did 50 years ago. Think about the next 50 years. What’s going to happen when models like the Maricopa County “Deweyless” library or user-based tagging in the catalog really go mainstream. Should we still be teaching curriculum from the 80s? The 90s? I think not. So this  one goes double for LIS educators. I need to stay on the curve (hopefully ahead of it) to keep changing course specifics to adapt to each shift we go through.”


2 responses to “Into a new world of librarianship…

  1. Åh, dessa skäggiga 2.0-män vid namn Michael! 😉

  2. Mm, kunde inte motstå den här bilden-ännu bättre i verkligheten 😉


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